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Iran rejects global strategy against extremists

PARIS (AP) - As diplomats from around the world sought a global strategy to fight Islamic State extremists, Iran ruled out working with any international coalition, saying it had rejected American requests for cooperation against the militants.
Neither Iran nor Syria, which together share most of Iraq's borders, was invited to the international conference Monday in Paris, which opened as a pair of French reconnaissance jets took off over Iraqi skies.

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A Scottish 'Yes' also means exit from EU, NATO

BRUSSELS (AP) - If Scottish voters this week say Yes to independence, not only will they tear up the map of Great Britain, they'll shake the twin pillars of Western Europe's postwar prosperity and security - the European Union and the U.S.-led NATO defense alliance.
In breaking away from the rest of the United Kingdom, Scotland would automatically find itself outside both the EU and NATO, and have to reapply to join both, officials from those Brussels-based organizations have stressed.

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Air France strike as Europe faces low-cost shakeup

PARIS (AP) - At least half of Air France flights around the world were canceled Monday as pilots kicked off a weeklong strike, angry that the company is shifting jobs and operations to a low-cost carrier to better keep up with rivals.
The company's challenges echo those faced by flagship airlines across Europe as they face tough competition from budget airlines for short-haul flights and cash-rich Gulf state carriers on long-haul routes.
In the case of Air France-KLM, French labor law makes

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US works to step up Ebola aid, but is it enough?

WASHINGTON (AP) - The American strategy on Ebola is two-pronged: Step up desperately needed aid to West Africa and, in an unusual step, train U.S. doctors and nurses for volunteer duty in the outbreak zone. At home, the goal is to speed up medical research and put hospitals on alert should an infected traveler arrive.
With growing criticism that the world still is not acting fast enough against the surging Ebola epidemic, President Barack Obama has called the outbreak a national security priority.

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6 killed, 15 wounded in east Ukraine city

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - Shelling killed six people and wounded 15 others in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, the city council said Monday - the worst reported violence since a cease-fire between Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian troops took effect on Sept. 5.
Nonetheless, the cease-fire deal has brought some normalcy to parts of eastern Ukraine and allowed prisoners on both sides to go home.
Another 73 Ukrainian soldiers were freed Sunday night in an

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