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Syrian rebels issue demands for captive UN troops

BEIRUT (AP) - Al-Qaida-linked Syrian rebels holding 45 Fijian peacekeepers hostage have issued a set of demands for their release, including the extremist group's removal from a U.N. terrorist list and compensation for the killing of three of its fighters in a shootout with international troops, an official said Tuesday.
The Nusra Front seized the Fijians on Thursday in the Golan Heights, where a 1,200-strong U.N. force monitors the buffer zone between Syria and Israel. The rebels also surrounded two Filipino units, but those U.N. troops escaped over the weekend.

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Ukraine: Russian forces in major rebel cities

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - A Ukrainian official said Tuesday that Russian forces have been spotted in both of the major rebel-held cities in eastern Ukraine.
The claim by Col. Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman for Ukraine's national security council, came as the country's defense minister said Ukraine's armed forces are expanding their strategy from just fighting separatist rebels to facing the Russian army in a war that could cost "tens of thousands" of lives.

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Group accuses extremists of war crimes in Iraq

BAGHDAD (AP) - An international rights group accused the extremist Islamic State group on Tuesday of carrying out a systematic campaign of "ethnic cleansing" in northern Iraq that includes mass killings, abductions and other war crimes.
In a new report, Amnesty International said militants have abducted "hundreds, if not thousands" of women and children who belong to the ancient Yazidi faith. The extremists also have rounded up Yazidi men and boys before killing them, the London-based group said.
The 26-page report adds to a growing body

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Pakistan parliament meets over political crisis

ISLAMABAD (AP) - Pakistan's lawmakers held an emergency session Tuesday over the political crisis roiling the country as thousands of anti-government protesters remained camped out in front of the parliament building, demanding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resign
The session of both houses - the National Assembly and the Senate - is an attempt to rally support behind the prime minister, who is facing the biggest threat to his tenure since he took office a little more than a year ago.

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Surrogate offers clues into man with 16 babies

BANGKOK (AP) - When the young Thai woman saw an online ad seeking surrogate mothers, it seemed like a life-altering deal: $10,000 to help a foreign couple that wanted a child but couldn't conceive.
Wassana, a lifetime resident of the slums, viewed it as a nine-month solution to her family's debt. She didn't ask many questions.
In reality, there was no couple. There was instead a young man from Japan named Mitsutoki Shigeta, whom she met twice but who never spoke a word to her. This same man - reportedly the son of a Japanese billionaire - would go on to make

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